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Hi, I’m Aleah. Welcome to my online journal. A space to share my life, style, travels, and anything & everything on my heart. As I write this, I currently find myself in a new place (Texas), learning, growing, and creating home. I’m 24 years old, and recently moved here a year out of college. I’m so surprised by how much I love it, but I really do! I love to spend my days in coffee shops, journaling and dreaming with a good cup of coffee by my side. Creating & growing this blog is one of my most important goals for myself right now.

I love people. My love language is quality time 100%. I am a 4 on the Enneagram, which explains everything (if you know what the Enneagram is). I love encouraging people in their dreams, I think I’m a good listener, and hanging with friends at coffee shops is pretty much my favorite thing. I love natural living, ethical fashion, minimalism, travel, and creating a beautiful home- all things you’ll hear about from me in this space! Friends, I’m so happy you are here.




24 YEars Old

Woah. That feels old.

Enneagram 4

I’ve never felt so understood after taking the Enneagram test haha.


Never imagined I’d live in TX, but here I am loving it & creating home here.


My faith in Jesus is what sustains me.


 Let’s Be Friends!

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