What's In My Bag


I’m not going to lie- I love “what’s in my bag” posts! Getting a peek into someone else’s style / favorite things is always fun. Since I purchased a beautiful new backpack recently, I thought it’d be the perfect time to share what’s in mine! You know that really exciting feeling when you get a new bag & switch out the contents from your old bag to the new? I love it. Because this backpack is smaller, I can carry truly the essentials and nothing else. Ahh, minimalism. Feels so good!

What's In My Bag | Aleah Eileen

First I’d love to share details on the bag- it’s from Tribe Alive. They’re my favorite ethical fashion brand- I feel like my blog/ insta is slowly becoming a fan account for them haha. Their leather is made by women artisans in Haiti who are paid a living wage for their work. The leather is BEAUTIFUL. I’m so excited to carry this backpack around.

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What's In My Backpack | Aleah Eileen

In my bag are the essentials I’d carry around for a morning at my favorite coffee shop, journaling with a good cup of coffee in hand. Here are the details:


And of course, not pictured are the obvious - ponytails, mints, pen, and probably a snack stuffed in there too! Are you a minimal bag kind of gal or do you have a large tote with entirely too many items lost in there? Honestly, I’m both : )

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