My 2019 Goals


Happy 2019, friends! I’ve never been more ready or excited for a new year, and a fresh start. I have a feeling this year will be the best yet. Funny enough, I said that last year. And then that year was SO hard. But I’m grateful for the growth that took place in me in 2018 and I trust that it was necessary. So that being said, THIS is the year. : )

There’s a lot I’m hopeful for 2019 to bring- Moving out and into an apartment, creating a beautiful space out of the apartment and welcoming friends into it, traveling more, creating more, and continuing to learn and grow.

As I was envisioning this new year, I decided to write some overall goals to work towards this year, as well as smaller intentions for how I want to shape my time / thoughts / energy this year-


  • Travel more. London and Joshua Tree (always) are high on the list, but visiting my friends in their cities is most important to me.

  • Create more. Creating through my blog is my number one goal & priority this year! Thank you to the friends who have encouraged me about my blog- it means the world to me. I hope get to get an apartment SOON because I really want to share so much content centered around home.

  • Make solid friendships in TX.

  • Buy a new car. This goal is huge for me because my car is so old and keeps breaking down on me, thus costing a lot to fix. I currently don’t make a lot of money which makes things so hard. I’m believing that this is the year I’ll be able to do adult things like buy a car I can rely on!

  • Finally get the floral tattoo I’ve been dreaming of.


  • Abiding in Jesus. I want to get back to morning quiet time, more journaling, and finding a church home in TX.

  • Making health and wellness a strong, and daily, priority. A few ways I want to do this are continuing to eat mostly plant based, continuing to switch to all-natural products in every area, reducing the amount of time I spend on social media (esp. reducing screen time in general), consuming less, drinking more water, reading more, continuing to run + lift weights (learned to LOVE those things this last year), go on a walk at least once a week outdoors (wish I could say hike….), and cook a meal once a week that I enjoy in the moment (not just meal prepping for later).

  • Be truly minimal. I want to place a stronger priority on minimalism by reducing the amount of things I consume and purchase.

  • Be a good friend. Write more letters, check in on friends, love people well!

  • Give more of myself and my time. I really want to find a church home and start volunteering my time. I’m also becoming more and more passionate about social justice, and I want to continue to explore the small ways I can make a difference.

To keep a focus on these goals all year long- instead of forgetting about them a month in- I’m setting goals each month that relate to my overall yearly goals and intentions. I also love to sit down on Sunday and plan my week ahead, and as I do so I’ll be thinking about these things and incorporating them into my plans. What goal have you set for yourself that you are most looking forward to this year? I want to know!

PS- The illustrations in this post were drawn by the lovely Vanessa Schmidt. I LOVE them and got so giddy about how the illustration looks as my “logo” in the navigation at the top of my site. AHHH I’M SO EXCITED!!

with love,

Aleah Eileen.