My Goals for Year 23


I turned 23 in December. On my birthday a friend of mine told me that 23 was her favorite year, so then I decided it was going to be my favorite too. I’m believing for big things this year, praying bold prayers. And I can’t wait to see all that is to come.

I think my favorite lesson I’ve learned recently is that God far exceeds our expectations and plans we set for ourselves. I’m learning to let go a little more, and to wait in expectancy. HE IS SO KIND!! Along with really looking forward to how God is going to move, I decided to set a few small goals for myself as we entered the new year. Here they are!

Say Hi to People

I tend to shy away from starting conversations. I’m always so happy to talk to other people, but I’m not usually the initiator. So my goal is to say hi to more people, because kindness is important and people should feel loved. I love this goal cause it’s really simple and really important. I just wanna love more!

Serve People

My life is not my own. This is something I believe, yet don’t always live out. I’m called to love, to serve people, and I’m going to do it. I’m sharing this because if I speak it, I am going to follow through.


Having had pretty much no time to read books for the past four years in college, I thought surely I’d do nothing but read when I graduated. Sadly that hasn’t been the case these last eight months. Now my goal is to spend all my free time at my favorite coffee shop with a book in hand. I’d LOVE some recommendations on what to read, especially good classics. Although I’ll likely just read To Kill a Mockingbird for the 20th time. 

Travel to New Places

If you know me, you know I love traveling more than anything else. Last year I traveled a lot less than I had hoped. The last half of my year was so hard (yet so necessary) and I didn’t travel at all. I moved to a new city and then kind of wondered what the heck I just did, and  I couldn’t afford to travel much after I moved. So 2018 is my year!

My goal is to travel to places I haven’t been before, and Europe is at the top of that list! Especially Norway, Amsterdam, London, and Ireland. And everywhere. Vancouver, California, New York, Chicago and the Northwest are all places I’d also love to go this year! To go along with this goal, I want to be a little more fearless so I’m going to try to be less scared, and maybe keep my eyes open on mountain drives this year?


I dreamt up this space for quite a few months at the end of last year, because I really wanted a space to write + share photos. I wanted to be creative and have a place to share it, so now I’m committed to it  I hope to fill the pages with lots of life in the next 12 months. I’m believing for big things this year and can’t wait to look back on this site at the end of the year and relive the magic.

Get a Floral Tattoo

Sorry dad!!!!