A New Season + My Goals

A New Season + My Goals | Aleah Eileen

Oh man, this Autumn season has felt like such a breath of fresh air! To be honest, this year- and a good chunk of last year- has been really hard for a lot of reasons. And in June, I moved in to my parents house to sort of reset, figure out my life, and pray for what & where the Lord had planned for me moving forward. I moved to Forth Worth, TX, a place that I wasn’t super familiar with beforehand.

All of the unknowns of moving here and what would come next had me thinking there was nothing out there for me. I can’t even tell ya how hard it has been but walking through that season for a long time, by the summertime I was in a much better place to tackle all of the hard and messy and unknown, and find purpose through it all. I declared everyday that God had a good plan for me, and in the past month or so, I’m really starting to see His plan revealed. Of course, there is a long way to go and life will always have its ups & downs. But I’ve been searching for “home” for a really long time, and I finally feel like I’m here!!

That’s why now, I’m so so joyful I can’t contain it. And it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time, because Autumn is my favorite and the best thing in this world and I can’t contain the happy.

A New Season + My Goals

I love love love new seasons & setting goals for them. And with winter approaching, I want to be excited for that season as well and be thankful for what it will offer, instead of dreading it like usual (I’m not a fan of the cold, dark, dreary days!). So here are a few goals & things I am looking forward to in these last few months of the year:

+ Be intentional about slower, colder winter days- disconnect, read more books, eat well + cook my meals and cook within the season (lots of soups!), journal a lot, drink tea, and practice being thankful for the coziness this new season brings (instead of just hating winter).

+ Read at least three books by the end of the year… I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter and it’s taking me back to my childhood!

+Prepare for moving! I’m hoping to move out & into my own space in the new year, so my goal is to prepare for that by saving as much money as I can, buying a few more things I’ll need for the space, and continuing to pray for what the new year will bring- especially when it comes to an apartment/moving because my finances are sort of up in the air (and my dream apt. is like really expensive lol), but more so because I have this dream that it will be a place for my friends to visit / gather- I want to fill the home with flowers, home-cooked meals, good conversation, and all the good things.

+ Write letters to friends and family!

+ Write more in this space. This has been my goal all year but a lot have things have prevented me from creating the content I’d like to. But I have a lot planned for the next few months and I’m so excited! I want to do a lot of posts centered around “home”, so moving will really help with that!

+Road trip to The Silos- they’re only an hour away and I think it’d be so magical during Christmastime! Anyone want to join?

A New Season + My Goals

I hope this new season is so beautiful for you as well!

with love,

Aleah Eileen