Last week, I turned 24! And I’m happy to report I’ve never felt more like myself. Which is funny- this last year (23) was probably the hardest year of my life. Also funny because I wrote a post at the beginning of the year on this blog and declared that 23 would be the best. Haha. That has actually been the lesson of the year for me- surrendering to God’s plans instead of making a lot of my own.


In January I committed to surrendering to the Lord- all of my plans, hopes, my timeline, all of it. He has taught me SO much about His love for me, and His faithfulness, in return. For that I’m so so grateful. I left a city I had just recently moved to, to move “home” to a place I never thought I’d live simply because I was feeling lost and so unsure of everything- and moved in with my parents at that- but turns out that I’m in LOVE with Fort Worth. And the Lord has already provided me one of my dreams in moving here. Ahh, there’s SO much I could say but I’ll save it for another day.

I’m not sure I have a lot of profound things to say. Honestly, I’m just so thankful. Thankful that in surrendering to Lord, and walking through some deep valleys and lows this year, He has poured out his Love for me and taught me so much. Thankful that I have grown in confidence and joy in just being myself. Thankful to be in a place where I just wanna share all the love with others. Thankful that despite still being in a season of waiting on a lot of things I’ve been praying for for the longest time, I have more peace than ever before knowing that the Lord’s hand is in it all and trusting the good He has for me to come.


I always journal the night before or the morning of my birthday. In my entry this year, I wrote out my goals for 24 and they were really really simple. I just would love a cute apartment, to finally have a place of my own to make a home. And to invite allll the friends into that space, both new and old. To get to know my new city and find community, love other people well, invite friends over for meals, and to simply be present right in the place I’m at. YAY!

I’m heading into year 24 with a smile on my face and big dreams in my heart. And hopefully this is the year I get a boyfriend hahah.


Aleah Eileen

Aleah Milliner