Essentials: Zero Waste

Essentials: Zero Waste | Aleah Eileen

In the last year, I've educated myself on clean, natural living and creating zero waste. Zero waste is the goal to not consume or create any kind of trash, or anything damaging to the planet (hello plastic!). I’ll never be 100% there and in fact I’ve only just started incorporating zero waste into my lifestyle. But I believe it is so important for everyone to educate themselves and do their part to help! 

I’m sharing 3 super easy ways to get started with zero waste with you are if you're interested in starting the journey too! These practices are not only friendly to our Earth, but have started to help me slow down and live well. I’ll be sharing a lot more about this as I continue to write my blog, but creating ethical and minimal practices in my life has brought about more peace and has allowed me to slow down in life. 

Three Ways to Begin a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Essentials: Zero Waste | Aleah Eileen
  • Use a reusable water bottle. Preferably glass because it is
    able to be recycled, or just anything that isn't plastic! If you haven't started this practice yet, believe me it's super important! My favorite water bottle brand is BKR.

  • Use a reusable market bag for groceries. Again, plastic is not okay!! Bring a tote to the grocery store instead of using a the plastic ones provided which are killing the ocean and precious animals and such. My favorite brand for market bags is Apolis, or you could of course buy one from the grocery store for a few dollars. ALSO- don't use the produce bags!! There are many options available for reusable produce bags, but honestly I don't use bags at all.

  • Buy food locally! I've learned a lot about the meat industry and it's devastating affects on the environment. Shop for your groceries at your local farmers market is not only helpful for the environment, but is a way to support local farmers and buy really yummy goods!


I can't wait to share more zero waste tips and ethical fashion practices! I just love this planet, ya know? If you have any favorite zero waste tips I'd love to hear them below!! For more inspiration, check out my favorite zero waste bloggers, Trash is for Tossers & Kaetlyn Anne